Abends after applying IBM PTFs UA76233 or UA76232, or z/OS 2.2
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Abends after applying IBM PTFs UA76233 or UA76232, or z/OS 2.2


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Allocate DASD Space and Placement



After applying IBM PTFs UA76233 or UA76232 for z/OS maintenance, or z/OS 2.2 GA base level, abends will occur in CA Allocate.

z/OS 2.2  GA base level
z/OS 2.1  with IBM PTF UA76233
z/OS 1.13 with IBM PTF UA76232

z/OS 2.2 - After upgrade to z/OS 2.2 GA base level:
An attempt to add a volume to an SMS-managed non-VSAM data set will result in a B37-4 abend.
Messages include: IEC030I B37-04,IFG0554A,jobname,stepname,DD name,ucbaddr,volser,0426041D, dsn
SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=B37  REASON CODE=00000004                        
z/OS 2.1 - After applying IBM PTF UA76233:
Starting the CA Allocate started task, the SVC 55 / EOV intercept will appear to be installed correctly.  However, the first time a data set needs an additional extent, an abend S0C4 will result.
Messages include: IEC999I IFG0554P,jobname,stepname
z/OS 1.13 - After applying IBM PTF UA76232:
Starting the CA Allocate started task, EXTEND and EOV functionality will be disabled so the data sets can not be extended.
The message, VAM5301 EOV LOGIC DISABLED, will display in the CA Allocate started task log.           

For z/OS 2.2, z/OS 2.1 and z/OS 1.13:

Apply CA Allocate PTFs RO85335 and RO85790.

Both PTFs are noted with:  ****   HIGH IMPACT NOTIFICATION ALERT   ****

The details for PTF RO85790 are:

 DESC(B37-4 SMS-MANAGED AFTER IBM UA76232/UA76233/ GA 2.2). 
++VER (Z038)                                                
  FMID (CCTVC50)                                            
  PRE ( RO19728 RO44774 RO84363 RO85335 RO85673 )  
The details for PTF RO85335 are:

DESC(S0C4 IBM PTF UA76233 Z/OS 2.1 / X37 UA76232 Z/OS 1.13)
++VER (Z038)                                             
  FMID (CCTVC50)                                         
  PRE ( RO19728 RO20396 RO20699 RO21683 RO23185 RO26720  
        RO31410 RO42086 RO44774 RO47727 RO50160 RO53726  
        RO62091 RO71449 RO84363  )                       

Additional Information:

All of the CA Allocate PTFs for z/OS compatibility are backward compatible.
So, there are no concerns to apply all these z/OS compat. PTFs that are available, as of Jan. 26, 2016:

RO20396 RO25716 RO28258 RO31410 RO46717 RO50160 RO62091
RO71449 RO74217 RO79765 RO84363 RO85335 RO85790 RO86938

Even if you are skipping a z/OS level, you MUST apply every z/OS PTF for all the levels up to the level you are installing.

The latest z/OS Compatibility information for all CA products can be found at: 

If you are behind on CA Allocate maintenance and you do not use our MSM/CSM product, please contact CA Technical Support if you need assistance to get your install up to date.

If you have any questions, please contact CA Technical Support.


Release: ESBALQ99000-12.5-CA-Allocate-DASD Space and Placement-with Quota Manager-Extende