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How to find out which CA Datacom CXX, LXX, FXX, and PXX data sets are being used by the CA CSM MUF ?


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)



How to find out which CXX, LXX, FXX, and PXX data sets are being used by the CA CSM MUF ?



There are a couple of ways to find out this information.


When CA CSM r6.0 is installed you need to assemble/link the DBSIDPR module into the runtime CUSLIB library. With this release of CA CSM, CA-Datacom/AD v14 is delivered which introduces "simplify" mode. With "simplify" there is the introduction of the DSN_XXX= value that identifies the names of your Datacom system files. So knowing this you can... 

a. Review your CA CSM installation job that assembled and linked the DBSIDPR module and look for the DSN_XXX= value to identify the names used for the CXX, LXX, FXX, and PXX files. 

b. Browse the runtime CUSMAC library for member DBSIDPR. Here you will find the value of DSN_XXX. 


Another way is to look at the MSMMUF Jeslog for this informational message:

DB00254I - SIMPLIFY_MODE=YES CXXNAME=cxxname  DSN_XXX=hlq.???  

This is the sure fire way since it is truly what MUF is using… it may be quicker than locating the installation job and will definitely be accurate.


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