Monitoring classes being used by several applications.
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Monitoring classes being used by several applications.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


How do I monitor a class that is used by several applications?

Is there a way to configure the metric name in such a way that we could also see it on the application base?


For example:

"Custom Classes|{application}|{classname}



Application Performance Management Agent


You can achieve this by using directive {packageandclassname}.

Here is an example:

SetFlag: CustomClasses

TurnOn: CustomClasses

IdentifyMatchingClassesAs: "com.package.*" InstanceCounts

# Trace Complex Methods

TraceComplexMethodsIfFlagged: CustomClasses <tracer-name> "Custom Classes|{packageandclassname}|{method}:Average Response Time (ms)"

TraceComplexMethodsIfFlagged: CustomClasses PerIntervalCounter "Custom Classes|{packageandclassname}|{method}:Invocations per Interval"

TraceComplexMethodsIfFlagged: CustomClasses ConcurrentInvocationCounter "Custom Classes|{packageandclassname}|{method}:Concurrent Invocations"

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