How to identify a "table" name, if you know the "object" name.
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How to identify a "table" name, if you know the "object" name.


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This process will show the actual table name used on a specific system, if the object name is known.

The documentation at the Data Element Dictionary contains the relationships between these types of data structures:

  • Table and field names
  • Object and attribute names
  • Database table and column names

For example, Call Request tickets have these related structures:

  • Table name = Call_Req
  • Object name = cr
  • Database name = call_req 


The documentation is good source of data on these relationships, and should be consulted first.

It is nearly always right. (If any discrepancies are found, please notify CA Support via an issue.)


To see the source of information on a specific system, use the bop_sinfo command.

This is useful because many CA Service Desk Manager tools use the "Table name" - for example, the pdm_extract tools - and not the "Object name."


Using the correct table name is essential for any task. 

However, there may be a custom table on the system which is not in the standard product documentation.

Sometimes, the documented table name may be wrong. 

In these cases, being able to look at the actual data structure on a system is useful.



To go from the "Object name" to the "Table name."

1. Take the object name.

Example: cr


2. Add it to the "bop_sinfo -q <Object name> at a command prompt on the server. 


C:\>bop_sinfo -q cr

Factory cr < Call_Req >


3. The result of "Call_Req" is the "table" name.


Additional Information:

Data Element Dictionary contains the relationships between these data structures for ITSM 14.1.

CA Support for logging an issue about incorrect documentation or for assistance with data structures, tools, and more.

Wiki for CA Service Management - 14.1 has all of the product documentation for ITSM 14.1.

CA Communities for CA Service Management – Ask a question, discuss with other customers and sites, find out latest information and more.



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