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Printing PDF files that have been downloaded from the SYSVIEW wiki site


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The SYSVIEW manuals are now located on the SYSVIEW wiki page.

To print one of the manuals or a portion of the information, you can do the following.

You will need to sign in to CA support online then go to the SYSVIEW wiki page.

The resulting display will have all of the SYSVIEW manuals represented by blue boxes.

At the top of the screen you should see a button with the ADOBE logo that says "PRINT PDF"

Clicking this button will download the entire SYSVIEW documentation set to your local machine as a PDF.

To print just a portion of the PDF that was downloaded, you will want to open the PDF file and look at the bookmark 

side on the left of the PDF viewer.

See the different chapters and start closing them until you get to the information that you want. 

Note the page that it starts on and follow down to next chapter. 

This gives you a print range for that chapter only. 

For example, if you want the Install guide.

The install guide starts on page 780 and the next chapter starts on page 1010.

So the print range is 780 through 1009

Right click on the PDF and select the radio button for a range of pages and specify

780 - 1009  this will print just the Install Guide 


Component: SYSVW