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What does this message mean? T01LL327W Device OSD0D10: Out of output buffers, Accumulated Count: 1


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The T01LL327W message indicates that all available output buffers are in use.

It is referring to the number of buffers defined in the OQUE parameter of the EXPRESS statement defined in the TCPCFGxx member.
The output packet and storage is lost, but TCP/IP protocol dictates that any packet not delivered will be retransmitted, so there is no data loss.

If the message occurs in conjunction with T01LL318E, please verify that fix RO12835 is applied.

If the message is occurring by itself, please review the frequency of the occurrence.

The CA TCPaccess Communications Server documentation in Solution QI85800 states

OQUE ( output_queue_count ) specifies the number of output buffer queues for device. 
      Note: These buffer queues (1 to 8) are page-fixed in real storage for as long as the device is active. This affects paging activity.
      Default: 1. 

The default should be enough for most installations.
If the message is occurring rarely - no change is needed
If the message is occurring frequently (many times weekly or daily) - the current OQUE value can be increased by 1 to a value of 2 or more, as needed.


Release: SLTCPA00200-6-TCPaccess-Communications Server