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What does Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 in Compatibility mode mean?


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The CA Workload Control Center Certification Information webpage states that my version of WCC needs to have 11.0 IE in Compatibility mode.  What does this mean? How do I enable this?


Internet Explorer 11 is much similar to IE 10 9, and 8, but it doesn’t properly detect if a webpage requires compatibility mode or not.That causes some websites with display problem such as text jumbled together, pictures not show up and out of place menus. You can turn on Compatibility View in IE 11 to fix the missing issues.

By default the feature is disabled.

 From your Desktop, open up Internet Explorer 11.

 Press “Alt” key from keyboard to access the menu bar. If you use touch screen, bring up the on-screen keyboard and tap on “Alt” key.

 Click/Tap on “Tools” menu, and select “Compatibility View settings“.

 In the pop-up Compatibility View Settings window, type in the URL address which you want to run in compatibility view, like http://localhost:8080/wcc

 Check “Use the Microsoft compatibility lists” box, click “Add” button, and then “Close” to save that setting.

 The option will affect all subdomains and subpages for the specific site. Now your desired web site will work correctly in both of desktop version and Modern-UI Internet Explorer.

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CA Workload Control Center Certification Information


Release: ATSAGE99000-11.3-Workload Automation AE-Remote Agent