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Extending the Performance Center login timeout


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


How can I extend the Performance Center login timeout?



Any CAPM Version


This is handled by the Cookie Timeout Minutes setting in SSO. By default it is set to 20 minutes but it can be extended. Here is how:

In /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter is the SsoConfig utility, run this utility
SSO Configuration:

  1. CA Performance Center
    Choose an option > 1

SSO Configuration/CA Performance Center:

  1. LDAP Authentication
  2. SAML2 Authentication
  3. Performance Center
  4. Single Sign-On
  5. Test LDAP
  6. Export SAML2 Service Provider Metadata
    Choose an option > 4

SSO Configuration/CA Performance Center/Single Sign-On:
Anonymous User Enabled: Disabled
Anonymous User ID: 2
Localhost User Sign-In Page Enabled: Disabled
Localhost User Enabled: Enabled
Localhost User ID: 1
Cookie Timeout Minutes: 20
Encryption Decryption Key: #$utP9%z
Encryption Algorithm: DES
Failed Sleep Seconds: 3
Remember Me Enabled: Enabled
Remember Me Timeout Days: 15
Scheme: http
Port: 8381
Virtual Directory: sso

  1. Remote Value
  2. Local Override
    Choose an option > 2

SSO Configuration/CA Performance Center/Single Sign-On/Local Override:

  1. Anonymous User Enabled:
  2. Anonymous User ID:
  3. Localhost User Sign-In Page Enabled:
  4. Localhost User Enabled:
  5. Localhost User ID:
  6. Cookie Timeout Minutes:
  7. Encryption Decryption Key:
  8. Encryption Algorithm:
  9. Failed Sleep Seconds:
  10. Remember Me Enabled:
  11. Remember Me Timeout Days:
  12. Scheme:
  13. Port:
  14. Virtual Directory:
    Select a Property > 6

Property: Cookie Timeout Minutes (Local Override)
Value: 60
Example: 20
Description: This field specifies the number of minutes that pass before a Single Sign-On cookie expires. Each time a user does something the cookie timeout starts over. However, if the cookie does timeout then the user is required to reauthenticate. It is recommended that this value match the default ASP.NET session timeout of 20 minutes.
Enter r to reset the value, u to update to new value > u
Enter \q to quit or \b to go back to previous menu
Enter new value > 60

The Performance Center login timeout is now changed from the default of 20 minutes to 60 minutes