My NM Gateway Server service is stopped and will not start.
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My NM Gateway Server service is stopped and will not start.


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Automation Point


Your NM Gateway service has stopped, and it will not start. You have tried to disable the NM Website and then re-enable it to register the service, but this has not resolved the problem.


Release: AP327020100-11.5-Automation Point-3270/5250 Interface Option


We have observed in some cases that customers' domain administrators have pushed down a policy to their AP server which deletes Windows 8.3 short names for directories in the Automation Point Server's file system. These short names are missing from the directories in the Automation Point files path, and Java needs them to resolve AP file names in the path. You can observe the missing 8.3 file names by issuing the "dir /s /x" at the command prompt from the directory where you have Automation Point installed (typically this is C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\CA Automation Point\; if your administrator has stripped your directories of 8.3 file names, then the column before the full directory name column will be empty. 

Here is an example listing. Notice the DRIVER~1 8.3 short name in the column before the long directory name:

05/2014  11:22 AM    <DIR>          DRIVER~1     DriversInfo


You must issue the following commands at the root of the Windows drive where you have AP installed (the default is C: and will be used in this example)*

This command resets your C: drive to support Windows 8.3 file names.                                 

  1. fsutil 8dot3name set C: 0
    This command adds an 8.3 short name (Progra~1) to the Program Files directory.
  2. fsutil file shortname "Program Files" Progra~1
    This command adds an 8.3 short name (Progra~2) to the Program Files (x86) directory.
  3. fsutil file shortname "Program Files (x86)" Progra~2

The short names that you select, e.g. Progra~1 and Progra~2 for Program Files and Program Files (x86) directories, respectively, are arbitary, but you must use a name without spaces as AP resolves files within these directories using these short names.

You also must create short names for each subdirectory of the Program Files and Program Files (x86) directories if their long names have spaces within them, so that Java can find the AP files correctly. For example C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\CA Automation Point has spaces within its directory name, so you can assign the short name CAAP~1 using this command:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\> fsutil file shortname "CA Automation Point" CAAP~1

These short names are arbitrary, but may not contain any spaces. You should redirect the output of the "dir /x /s" command of your Program Files and Program Files (x86) directories to a file so that you can examine all of the subdirectories and identify which ones require the addition of an 8.3 short name. After you have assigned 8.3 short names, then you recycle your AP server, disable the NM Website in Configuration Manager, and then re-enable it. 

*Note: You may have to enter Windows Safe mode to add support for 8.3 file names and add the short names to the directories in the AP files path.