AHD13104 occurs when the user tries to export the customized CI list.
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AHD13104 occurs when the user tries to export the customized CI list.


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When the column that is linked to the assoc_conx.con_type(BREL attribute) is added to the Configuration list(list_nr.htmpl) by the WSP, if he tries to export the list, the error occurs.

The steps to reproduce is as follows:

  1. Open the Configuration List and run search.
  2. Click the export button to export the list.
  3. The following error occurs.

‘The vital error occurred. Please check the jsrvr.log about the detail.’

Also, the stdlog with the time that the problem occurred says as follows:

08/20 13:20:25.211[Thread-27] ERROR PDMExport 1401 Got Reply Error (3) AHD13104:Export Process exited or is not responding"


The attribute "assoc_conx" cannot be used on the list screen as a design. The BREL attribute itself is like the list. What the assoc_conx attribute is added to the list means like trying to adding the list to the list. It is impossible to do that.

Also, the admin guide says as follows:

"Note: CA CMDB-provided forms do not lend itself to editing using the Web Screen Painter Visual Editor, so use the Web Screen Painter text editor on the Source tab. ".

So, the error message is not a bug but the inappropriate customization.


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License