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After an upgrade of a scalability server with a remote engine, there is an error "A problem has occurred loading component cserverm CheckVersion: caller requires interface version 2 but only version 3 is supported: cserverm" in the engine trc file.


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After the upgrade of ITCM 12.5 SP 1 to ITCM 12.5 SP 1 C1 there is an error regarding the check version on cservm binary. 

The logs will have lines like this:

000000|ERROR  | A problem has occurred loading component cserverm

000000|ERROR  | CheckVersion: caller requires interface version 2 but only version 3 is supported: cserverm

0000b64|GHNTLAB006|000000|ERROR  | Please check that:

%SERVERNAME%|000000|ERROR  | 1. the file exists

%SERVERNAME% |000000|ERROR | 2. all library dependencies are satisfied

%SERVERNAME%|000000|ERROR  | 3. the requested interface version is available

%SERVERNAME%|cfUtilities     |cfUtilities         |000000|DETAIL | CFFactory_CreateInstanceEx: LIBRARY cserverm: CFCreateInstance failed

%SERVERNAME%|cfUtilities     |cfUtilities         |000000|DETAIL | CFFactory_Unload: unloading cserverm (0x6f410000)

%SERVERNAME%|cfUtilities     |cfUtilities         |000000|DETAIL | CFFactory_FreeLibrary: unloading library cserverm

%SERVERNAME%|cfUtilities     |cfUtilities         |000000|DETAIL | CFPorting_FreeLibrary: 6f410000

%SERVERNAME%|cmEngine        |cAmoSectorITRM::Open|000000|INFO   | Instance still not Valid - Exit

%SERVERNAME%|cmEngine        |cAmoSectorITRM::Open|000000|INFO   | Open New ITRM Server Connection failed

%SERVERNAME%|amLog           |                    |000000|ERROR  | cCollectJob: OpenSector, OpenSector() - Open()Failed

%SERVERNAME%|amLogAndNotify  |cAmoLog.h           |000387|ERROR  | Unable to open Server:%SERVERNAME%



This message is caused by the cmengine.exe binary not getting updated on the upgrade, possibility because the user did not restart the system after the upgrade and a pending reboot operation was scheduled. This can be resolved by verifying the file date of the X:\program files (x86)\CA\DSM\bin\cmengine.exe on the scalability server. It is most likely older than the Domain manager's version and you can do the following to correct this:

1. caf stop on Domain manager and scalability server

2. copy the cmengine.exe from  X:\program files (x86)\CA\DSM\bin\ to the scalability servers'  X:\program files (x86)\CA\DSM\bin\ directory 

3. restart caf and the problem should be resolved.


Component: TNGAMO