DSV00119E - errno = 1, EDC9501I DSV0120E TCPIP
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DSV00119E - errno = 1, EDC9501I DSV0120E TCPIP


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Datacom DATACOM - AD


CA Datacom Server mainframe startup failed with errors:

  DSV00119E - TCP/IP startup time limit exceeded 
  DSV00119E - errno = 1, EDC9501I The name does not resolve for the supplied parameters

  DSV00120E - TCP/IP startup failed see DSV00119E for cause  




An invalid TCPIP_HOST= value was specified in the CA Datacom Server startup options.

The value must be a legitimate host name or IP address. 




The value must be a legitimate host name or IP address. 

IBM TSO HOMETEST command is one way to determine the valid IP addresses on the Lpar.

Example  TSO HOMETEST display:

EZA0619I Running IBM MVS TCP/IP CS VvRr TCP/IP Configuration Tester
EZA9431I FTP.DATA file not found. Using hardcoded default values.
EZA0602I TCP Host Name is: xxxxxxxx
EZA0605I Using Name Server to Resolve xxxxxxxx
EZA0611I The following IP addresses correspond to TCP Host Name: xxxxxxxx
EZA0612I 123.456.68.90
EZA0614I The following IP addresses are the HOME IP addresses defined in PROFILE.TCPIP:

EZA0615I … 
EZA0618I All IP addresses for xxxxxxxx are in the HOME list!
EZA0622I Hometest was successful - all Tests Passed!


Additional Information

If TSO HOMETEST does not answer the problem, pursue further with the Network Administrator.    

Do an internet search for "IBM TSO HOMETEST" for more information on HOMETEST.

Refer to CA Datacom Tools - 15.1  "Working with CA Datacom Server (15.0)" section "Input Parameters"