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How to determine where pingable devices are coming from


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  How to determine where pingable devices are coming from

There are several scenarios where you might get pingable devices. These steps will help you track down where they are coming from and why you are seeing them get created



1. Check your discovery profiles, to see if it has "create pingables" checked, under the "Advanced" tab, ICMP discovery (See screenshot)


 2. Check to see if your Data Aggregator is set to discover devices from other data sources. There might be devices from other data sources that don't respond to SNMP from the DA, but your Data Aggregator has 'Discover devices from other data sources" checked.


3.If this is the case, you can disable this option, and can delete the devices from the Data Aggregator, and then synch the data sources involved; DA, etc. 


4. Run a mysql query from the CAPC system, to find what data source a device belongs to; as follows...

          A. run /opt/CA/MySql/bin/mysql

          B. type "use netqosportal"

          C. run the following query

select a.*, b.consolename from dst_device a, data_sources2 b where a.sourceid=b.sourceid and itemname='<item_name>'\G; 

 This will list the data source ID.


5. Find what ID is assigned to a specific data source, by looking in the following file



6. Find what discovery profile is associated with a given device, by the following

        A. Find the device Item ID from the Data Aggregator "details" tab for the device

        B. List the device details, via the following URL;  http://<DA>:8581/rest/devices/<Device Item ID from DA> 

        C. Search for "DiscProfileId". This will give you the ID of the discovery profile that was used to discover this device


7.  Verify whether the discovery profile shows up under http://<DA>:8581/rest/discoveryprofiles/

 This will give you details of Discovery profiles on the system





Release: IMDAGG99000-2.5-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator