New Menu created in CA Performance Center (CAPC) is missing
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New Menu created in CA Performance Center (CAPC) is missing


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After creating a new custom Menu to house custom Dashboards in CAPC, the new Menu doesn't show up for use.



Some of the symptoms of this problem are:

  • Custom Menu appears in the Admin->Menu list and is editable
  • Custom Menu does not appear when hovering the mouse over the Dashboards option in the CAPC UI
  • Custom Menu does not appear as an option when selecting the Dashboards option to show the "Available Dashboards" view



This is by design. The first thing to resolve is ensuring the users that require access to this Menu and its Dashboards are configured properly. All Custom Menus are specifically listed as not allowed for all Roles when first created. The first step after creating a new custom Menu is editing the Role for the user that will access this Menu. This includes the Administrator Role.

Go to Admin->Roles and select to edit the Role involved. Highlight the line with "Menu Set" and select the Edit button. Move the new custom Menu from the "Available Menus" list to the "Selected Menus" list. Select the OK button. Select the Save button to save the Role changes.

If your custom Menu had a valid Dashboard assigned to it the Menu will appear.

If you still do not see the Menu, link a Dashboard to it by editing it from the Admin->Menu page.

If you added a Dashboard to the Menu and still don't see the Menu, is the Dashboard one supported by the system? For example, if you added an Out of the Box APM Data based Dashboard, but don't have the APM Data Source integrated into CAPC, it would be ignored by the system. Ensure the Dashboard set against the Menu is valid and returns data from other views.


Release: IMDAGG99000-2.5-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator