How to verify SysEDGE is working correctly.
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How to verify SysEDGE is working correctly.


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CA Systems Performance for IM (SystemEdge)


Sometimes when SystemEDGE is not functioning correctly for whatever reason, it will not respond to SNMP polling. In these cases, you can see the following types of alarms/events being raised in CA Spectrum when monitoring the agent in this condition:

Device MY_HOST of type Host_systemEDGE is no longer responding to primary management requests (e.g. SNMP), but appears to be responsive to other communication protocol (e.g. ICMP). This condition has persisted for an extended amount of time.  An alarm will be generated.


SystemEDGE 5.9 / VAIM 12.9


This could be due to performance degradation on the server hosting SystemEDGE itself (possibly due to other processes taking excessive CPU utilisation) or free disk space being inadequate. 


1. Verify SysEDGE is working correctly:

       Under Windows:  

                  a. Check the CA SystemEDGE Service is started within windows services applet (services.msc)


                  b. Check task manager for the presence of a singular sysedge.exe process.


       Under Unix:

         Grep for process sysedge

[root@RHEL_Host ~]# ps -ef | grep sysedge
root     38318     1  0 Sep16 ?        02:01:17 /opt/CA/SystemEDGE/bin/sysedge   - b


2. Ensure the agent has successfully initialized.    

Under certain conditions systemedge process might start, but the agent doesn't fully initialize.  When this happend SystemEDGE will not respond to SNMP requests.

         a. Restart SystemEDGE.   This will create a new sysedge.log which will show the initialization routine.

Under Windows:

         SystemEDGE can be restarted from the windows services applet (services.msc) or

           Control Panel > CA SystemEDGE > Stop and Start buttons.


Under Unix:

         From /opt/CA/SystemEDGE/bin

         Run; ./sysedgectl restart

         b.  Check the newly created sysedge.log under the PORT# folder for the following two messages:

**** Agent configuration complete
**** Agent initialization complete 

         The above two messages indicate SystemEDGE is fully initialized and responding to SNMP requests.

         c.  Further validation can be done by running a walktree local to the agent:

               1. View sysedge.log to see what IP Address the agent has bound to 

check_ipaddr_list(): Sysedge IP address: '<IP_Address>' (Last ones: '')

               2.  Run walktree command from SystemEDGE\Bin folder and verify it responds.

walktree -h {IP_ADDRESS} -p {port} -c {comm string} -o 1 > /tmp/walk.txt


            Under Windows:  

X:\Program Files\CA\SystemEDGE\Bin
walktree -h {IP_ADDRESS} -p 1691 -c public -o 1 > C:\walktree.log


            Under Unix:

./walktree -h {IP_ADDRESS} -p 1691 -c public -o 1 > /tmp/walktree.log

When walking the entire MIB (-o 1) a successful walk will end with "End of MIB"


Additional Information

*The default SysEDGE Port# folder locations per platform are as follows:

Windows 2003 Server

        C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\CA\SystemEDGE\port#

Windows Server 2008 & 2012