How are CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) ticket numbers generated?
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How are CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) ticket numbers generated?


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Whenever a CA SDM ticket is created, there is a ticket number generated.  How does this work and how large can ticket numbers be?


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A CA SDM ticket number is generated via the Key_Control MDB table.

What happens is the table stores the most recent number to be assigned in sequence for the next CA SDM ticket to be generated. When a ticket is to be created, it will be given that number from Key_Control in sequence and the value in the table is incremented. The given numeric limitation in Key_Control, as an integer value, is defined in SQL Server as 2^31-1 or 2,147,483,647.

In CA SDM, one can navigate to the Administration tab -> Service Desk -> Sequence Numbers. This functionality is where one can add a specific prefix or suffix to Change Orders, Issues, or Requests/Incidents/Problems. When any of the given CA SDM tickets are created, the assigned ticket number in sequence from Key_Control then has the prefix and suffix added.

Example: prefix can be "req-" for request, and suffix can be "-2015" for the given year. Adding to a ticket number generated from the Key_Control (i.e. 1234), the resultant CA SDM ticket number (i.e. "req-1234-2015") is stored in the given Issue, Change Order, or Request table under the corresponding ref_num field.

The ref_num fields per table are nvarchar(30), indicating a string length of maximum 30 characters.

Once a ref_num has been allocated for a given ticket during creation, if the ticket is cancelled, the allocated ref_num is lost, and its expenditure is not logged at all within SDM.

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