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Event Notification emails from CA Performance Center (CAPC) use HTTP in the URL


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


After configuring CA Performance Center (CAPC) to use HTTPS/SSL successfully, users have now configured Email based Event Notification rules. When the emails arrive they contain a URL that links the user directly back to that Event from the CAPC system, but the link fails to display the correct view due to the URL using HTTP instead of HTTPS despite the correct SSL configuration and functionality for the CAPC web site.


Release: IMDAGG99000-2.5-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator


The common cause for this is the use of the Local Override (option 2)  priority level when setting SSL configuration values with the SsoConfig tool in CAPC. The URL presented in the Event Notification emails sent to the user are generated based on configuration settings in the em MySql DB in CAPC. These settings are set in the em DB through the Event Manager Data Source. If the Local Override option is used when configuring the Web Site Scheme" and "Web Site Port" Performance Center parameters in the SsoConfig tool, they are not passed on to other Data Sources, Event Manager included.


To resolve this by having those settings propagated to the em DB for use by the Event Manager service and Data Source, we'll need to set the values using Remote Value (option 1) using the SsoConfig tool. This is the priority level necessary to have the values passed on to other Data Sources including the Event Manager. Once the values are set properly, the Event Manager Service and SSO Service needs to be stopped and started again. This steps requires the services be stopped and started again. Do not use the restart option here as it is often found to result in the values not being fully or properly set in the system.

Step 1: Update the values in the SsoConfig tool

- Log in to the CAPC has as the root or sudo root user that owns the installation

- Change directories to the $CAPC_HOME/CA/PerformanceCenter directory. On a default system the path would be /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter.

- Run the command "./SsoConfig" to start the tool.

- Choose option 1 "CA Performance Center"; it will return a further lost of configuration area options.

- Choose option 3 "Performance Center"; it will return a list of currently active settings.

- Choose option 1 "Remote Value"; it will return a list of the current Remote Value level settings

- Set the "Web Site Scheme" and "Web Site Port" options. Set Scheme to https, set port to port 8182 or the alternate port number used when configuring SSL.

- Use "q" to quit after making the changes.

Step 2: Restart the services

As the root or sudo root install owner, stop and restart the services as follows:

Run these commands in the following order:

service caperfcenter_eventmanager stop

service caperfcenter_sso stop

service caperfcenter_sso start

service caperfcenter_eventmanager start

Once the changes are made, review new emails received from CAPC Event Notifications. Does the URL use HTTPS instead of HTTP? If yes does it provide the user the correct CAPC web UI page?

If not and it still does not function as expected please engage CA Support with a new case for analysis.