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Unable to access the Data Collector (DC) debug page in CA Performance Manager (CAPM) release r2.5.


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A new issue was introduced into the CA Performance Manager Data Aggregator software starting with the r2.5 GA release. When launching this URL: 




An error is returned in the browser showing: 


Problem accessing /dcdebug/doSearch. Reason: 

Error creating bean with name 'typeCatalogService': FactoryBean threw exception on object creation; nested exception is org.springframework.osgi.service.ServiceUnavailableException: service matching filter=[(] unavailable 


This is a known problem with an existing defect open in engineering (DE46756).



This will be resolved with code change in the r2.6 release. Until 2.6 is available, to resolve this complete the following: 


1 - Log into the CLI of the DA as the install owner 

2 - Run: 

ssh -l karaf -p 8501 localhost 

Entered password "karaf". 

3 - Run: 

list | grep dcdebug 

Note the ID value (first value, first column). Note we see no entry in the returned line referencing it as started which is the cause for this.

4 - Restart that bundle using the ID: 

restart <ID> 

Note it will sit on the new line after running it, with no further movement. The restart of the bundle should be very fast. Hit the Enter key to return it to the CLI. 

5 - Run this while still logged into karaf to validate this worked: 

list | grep dcdebug 

It should now show as started. 


After taking those steps (note it doesn't restart anything else, no DA restart, so this fix is safe in production systems) the DC debug page works again. 

You may need to go through this process again if the DA is restarted. The DA restart restarts the karaf bundles, of which the dcdebug bundle may once more fail to start properly.


Release: IMDAGG99000-2.5-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator