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Can the cfbasichwwnt Process be Disabled?


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Can the cfbasichwwnt Process be Disabled?



Cfbasichwwnt is the basic hardware inventory agent. You cannot disable cfbasichwwnt, as the agent registration component uses it.

If you disable it, when an agent registration attempt is made you get this error in the cfregister trace:

061015-14:38:04.5307886L|001392|00001704|cfRegister|cfRegister      |                    |000000|NOTIFY | ITRMAgent::registerUnitFullAgent: attempting to register unit "."
061015-14:38:04.5348992L|001392|00001704|cfRegister|cfRegister      |                    |000000|NOTIFY | ITRMAgent::getServerList: Registering with scalability server: xxxxxxxxxxx
061015-14:38:05.0904270L|001392|00001704|cfRegister|cfRegister      |                    |000000|NOTIFY | ITRMAgent::registerUnitFullAgent: Cannot find tag TAG_HOST_ADDR_ALT_A in REQ_GET_MGMT_INFOA reply
061015-14:38:05.0932265L|001392|00001704|cfRegister|cfRegister      |                    |000000|ERROR  | ITRMAgent::AddBHI: failed to get basic hw info

Also the agent will never be able to register in with it's scalability server.


By default Cfbasichwwnt runs and sends a registration message once per day.


You can schedule the hour at which it run in the configuration policy under:

/DSM/Common Components/CAF/Scheduler/Registration refresh scheduled job  

CAF Scheduler: Hour

It’s set to 12 by default. If you want to set it for example, to 11pm, the value would be ‘23’. At 2am the value is ‘2’ etc.



Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence