In the MSP New Driver, saving project back from MSP to Clarity causes multiple issues with duplicate roles.


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Multiple issues occur when a role is added to the team more than once including: 

  • Requirements ID in Requirements Name is deleted (e.g. DBA (2) changes to DBA)
  • For each additional instance of the role added after the first one:
    • Requirements are closed for time entry in the save back from MSP
    • Average Allocation is revered to 100%

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In Clarity, create a project
  2. Go to the Team tab
  3. Add the same role to the project 5 times. (In this example, DBA)
    Note that here, the Requirement Names show as expected (DBA, DBA (2), DBA (3), DBA (4), DBA (5) and all are Open for Time Entry.
  4. Add the Default Allocation attribute to the Team view and then change the Default Allocation for each role to a different value for each requirement so you can observe part of the unexpected behavior (For easier comparison, increase the default allocation by 10% for each Requirement, so DBA = 10%, DBA (2) = 20%, etc.)
  5. Create a Summary task and then add five tasks under the summary task to coincide with each Requirement Name ID (Example: Task 1 Name: DBA, Task 2 Name: DBA (2), Task 3 Name: DBA (3), Task 4 Name: DBA (4), Task 5 Name: DBA (5).) To do this:
    a) Go to the Tasks Tab 
    b) Click New
    c) Type 'Summary Task' in the Name field
    d) Click 'Submit and Create New' 
    e) Repeat these steps for Task names DBA, DBA (2), DBA (3), DBA (4). For Task Name DBA (5), click 'Submit' instead of 'Submit and Create New'.
    f) From the Tasks drop down, select Gantt.
    g) Select the check boxes next to all the DBA tasks, and then click the Indent button
  6. Open the project in Microsoft Project by clicking on the Properties or Task tab, selecting the 'Open in Scheduler' drop down and then selecting 'Microsoft Project [Read/Write]'
  7. Go to a task view and add column: Resource Initials if not there already
  8. Add each of the roles to the tasks, assigning them sequentially to match the sequence in Clarity. Example: DBA (2) in Clarity and its corresponding DBA-1 in MSP are assigned 20 hours in task: DBA (2)
  9. Save the project back to Clarity in MSP
  10. Go to the team tab in Clarity 

Expected Result: Requirement Names should show correctly, all roles should remain open for time entry, and Default Allocation should not be changed to 100% for any of the roles.

Actual Result: Requirements numbering is removed from the requirement names, all but the first instance of the role have now been closed for time entry, and their default allocations changed to 100%. 

Environment: This applies to the 14.2 and 14.3 MSP New Driver

Cause: This is caused by CLRT-78685


Workaround: None

Status:  This issue is no longer reproducible in CA PPM 14.4


Release: ESPCLA99000-14.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus