Copy the 3480/3490 to 3590 DISPATCH tapes.
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Copy the 3480/3490 to 3590 DISPATCH tapes.


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CA 1 Flexible Storage CA 1 Tape Management - Copycat Utility CA 1 Tape Management - Add-On Options


TAPECOPY function should not be used when changing media-types and  FILECOPY should NOT be used when copying data that from an application (CA-Dispatch) that keeps track in their own database of the volser and block-id information.

Block-id is VERY different between a 3480/3490 device and a 3590 device. A block-id on a 3480/3490 device is a 3-byte value; and on a 3590 device it is a 4-byte value, which is completely different. If the application (CA-Dispatch) has a 3-byte block-id stored; and tries to use it to position itself on a 3590 device – it just won't work.

The block-id value that is stored by the application will ONLY work on the same type of device.


Now, using Copycat to do a TAPECOPY from one 3490 virtual-tape to another 3490 virtual-tape would be just fine; since the 3-byte block-id would be the same for both.

But going from a 3490 virtual-tape to a 3590 virtual-tape is COMPLETELY different.



Release: ONE...00200-12-One-TAPE MANAGEMENT