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Task % complete is 0 when exported from Clarity to MSP


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When a project is opened in Microsoft Project (MSP), using the XML format, the task progress (% complete) is set to zero (0) on assignments where there is no work completed. This problem affects sub tasks, including tasks that show underneath the project level summary task. In this scenario tasks statuses change from Started to Not Started.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch MSP, create a simple 5 day task, and assign it to a resource
  2. Be sure the option "update task status updates resource status" is UNCHECKED
  3. Be sure the option "calculation project after each edit" is Off
  4. Be sure the option "Show project summary task" is CHECKED so that the task created above shows as a subtask
  5. Set 50% in the %Complete field on the task, leave the project summary task as 0% complete
  6. Save As a XML file and close the project
  7. Open the XML as a "new project"

Expected Result:  Hit F9 button and Task % Complete is 50%

Actual Result:   Hit F9 button and Task % Complete is 0%


Release: All Supported
Component: Microsoft Project (MSP)


The problem is caused by an MSP issue when using XML format, and the MSP drivers for CA PPM v14.1+ use XML format


Check to make sure you are on the latest supported MSP update as this issue is no longer reproducible in testing on later MSP versions.  


The resolution is to enable automatic calculation by default (and in step 3), with this set there will be no need to press F9 anymore

Additional Information


  • "Update task status updates resource status" is an option that must be unchecked, especially for projects that are tracking time through Clarity timesheets. If this setting is turned on, then the actual work will be generated in MSP based upon the percent complete. See MSP tasks updating from 'Completed' to 'Not Started' for more details on an issue you may face and how to set this correctly. In 14.1, you may find that option automatically checked every time a project is exported from Clarity to MSP. This is an issue on the 14.1 Driver that has been fixed in the 14.2 Driver



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