SDM: The usage of NX_SREL_BLOCKS_TIMEOUT to improve performance in CA Service Desk Manager


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There are a few scenarios involving the usage of CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) where performance issues are seen or users get a CGI Timeout problem when viewing SDM records/tickets.

One of the performance problems noticed is related to seeing persistent locks in usp_locks table or SREL type tables.

This can be verified under Current Locks:


The fix for this problem introduces the variable SREL_BLOCKS_TIMEOUT.

Setting this variable resolves also the occurrences of locks mentioned earlier.


Service Desk Manager 14.x and 17.x

All Supported Operating Systems


1.  Pre-requisites

The first point to validate is the pre-requisite to use the variable.

Except for SDM 14.1, the following fixes must be installed to be able to make use of the variable:

 CA SDM Release

 Fix Number


 RO41377 (CF3 BINARY)


 RO68585 (CF2 BINARY)




2.  Where to install it

As this variable is not in Options Manager, it needs to be manually installed.

This option can be installed by running the following command from the Command Prompt:

pdm_options_mgr -c -s SREL_BLOCKS_TIMEOUT -v 30 -a pdm_option.inst

To avoid losing the change when you run pdm_configure, please run the above command with the '-t' flag as follows:

pdm_options_mgr -c -s SREL_BLOCKS_TIMEOUT -v 30 -a pdm_option.inst -t

NOTE:  You must run both pdm_options_mgr commands described above for a successful installation of the option.  The option is set to "30" by default per the above commands.

  • For SDM on Conventional Environment, the variable must be installed on the Primary server machine 
  • For SDM on Advanced Availability (AA) Environment, the variable must be installed on the Background server. To complete the installation steps on AA, you should follow the instructions from the following document: 

Best Practice for PDM_OPTIONS_MGR Changes in a Service Desk Manager (SDM) Advanced Availability (AA) Installation

Additional Information

The minimum value to be set is 30 seconds. 

CA does not recommend setting it too high (180 seconds, for example), unless you are instructed to do so, otherwise, it may cause the following situations:

  • Mask some performance problem
  • Increase a performance problem 
  • Cause a performance problem