Using the different CA XCOM pre and post processing scripts


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You would use an XCOM PreProcessing or Post Processing script when you want to have some work performed before a transfer starts or at the conclusion of a transfer. What kind of work is performed is determined in part by which script you choose to execute, and by what instructions you code into that script. How a script is kicked off is determined by two things:

Whether the script is enabled in your XCOM.GLB file, whether a transfer event that invokes the script has occurred and in case of the XCOMPRE script the setting for XCOMPRE_LOCAL in xcom.glb.

Please see the sample scripts located in the %XCOM_HOME% directory for available variables and other details.
ScriptControls...InvokedDefault XCOM.GLB setting
XCOMPPuser-defined post-transfer processingUpon successful incoming transfer completionXPPCMD=%XCOM_HOME%\xcompp.bat
XCOMENDuser-defined post-transfer processingUpon completion of any transfer, whether successful or notXENDCMD=%XCOM_HOME%\xcomend.bat
XCOMLPprint spoolingAfter a print job (report) is receivedXLPCMD=%XCOM_HOME%\xcomlp.bat
XCOMNTFYnotificationWhen a transfer completes.XNOTIFYCMD=%XCOM_HOME%\xcomntfy.bat
XCOMPREuser-defined pre-allocation processingBefore a transfer begins, subject to global parameter XCOMPRE_LOCAL*  XPRECMD=%XCOM_HOME%\xcompre.bat



Release: ESBXCM99000-11-CA-XCOM Data Transport-Extended Support Basic


  1. Make a backup copy of the sample script 
  2. Customize your script 
  3. Make sure that the XCOM.GBL setting points to your customized script.  The Default settings are shown in the chart above.
  4. All scripts are set up to run by default.  To make sure that a script is never invoked, the XCOM.GLB setting for that script should be set equal to nothing. For example to turn notification off, set "XNOTIFYCMD= " in your XCOM.GLB file.  
  5. Recycle xcomd if you have made changes to you XCOM.GLB file.
  6. Include the userid associated with running these scripts in the CA XCOM Batch Interactive group.


Additional Information

Details for customizing the script are in the sample script itself.  For more information refer to sections "How to Use the Pre-allocation Script" and "How to Use CA XCOM Data Transport Scripts" in our online documentation.

See "Create the CA XCOM Data Transport Batch Interactive Group" in our online documentation.