CA Dispatch Linear Data Sets (LDS) - Size Limitation
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CA Dispatch Linear Data Sets (LDS) - Size Limitation


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What is the maximum size that an LDS file can be allocated at?



Linear data sets (LDS) for CA Dispatch hold control information that maps out the entire CADDSPLx environment as well as the physical report data associated to online viewing, printer distribution and archive. The size of any single LDS file is limited to two gigabytes. This 2 GB limit equates to approximately 2900 cylinders on a 3390.  

The SPLUTIL program that allocated and initializes the LDS files is designed to abnormally terminate when initializing an LDS with more than two gigabytes.

When running the DDEXLDSI job and specifying allocation space for an LDS file, all space should be specified as PRIMARY space.


CYL ( 2900 , 0 )


  • Upon completion of the job, it's critical that you review the output and make sure that products such SMS or STOPX37 did not pick up on the allocation request and allocate into SECONDARY space that goes beyond the 2 GB maximum limit. If you use products such as STOPX37, you should disable them for execution of the DDEXLDSI job. 


Additional Information:

For more information on allocating and initializing LDS files, please refer to your CA Dispatch Installation guide, Chapter 2, and topic entitled "CADDSPL Linear Data Set (LDS) File Considerations". 



Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch