Where can I locate the latest APPLYPTF and Cazipxp Utility from the CA Support Online Portal ?
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Where can I locate the latest APPLYPTF and Cazipxp Utility from the CA Support Online Portal ?


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Downloading the latest version of the APPLYPTF Utility

The direct link for cazipxp is given below under "Additional Information"


Release: CA Service Management (all releases)


The APPLYPTF Utility can be download via CA Support Online(CSO).


Below are the steps to download and install the APPLYPTF UTILITY:




1.  Navigate to the following URL for Solution Document RO79605 All Windows Applyptf:


Note: If the login-bar appears at the top of the page, please login to CSO using your credentials

2.  Click on the ''Download Solution' button.

3.  The DOWNLOAD STATUS page appears.  Select a folder to save the APPLYPTF Utility package to (i.e. C:\ApplyPTF)

4.  Once the download has completed, you will receive a DOWNLOAD COMPLETE MESSAGE

Install the APPLYPTF Utility:


1.  If not already downloaded, download the CAZIPXP Utility by following the instructions documented at Article 15519 - How to download the latest CA ZIPXP utility (CAZIPXP.EXE) file or follow the link provided below under "Additional Information"

     Download the CAZIPXP Utility to the same directory where the APPLYPTF Utility was downloaded


2.  Via a Command Prompt, navigate to the directory where the APPLYPTF and CAZIPXP utilities were downloaded (i.e. C:\ApplyPTF)


3.  Extract the APPLYPTF package by running the following command


  cazipxp -u RO79605.caz


4.  Run the following command 


  install_caapps C:\ca_appsw 


This will create a folder called C:\ca_appsw


5.  Copy all the APPLYPTF files from where APPLYPTF was extracted to (i.e. C:\ApplyPTF) to the C:\ca_appsw directory by running the following command


  copy apply*.* c:\ca_appsw 


6.  Add the C:\ca_appsw directory to the Windows System Variable Path


7.  From where APPLYPTF was extracted to (i.e. C:\ApplyPTF), run the command 'applyptf' to install the APPLYPTF Utility for the first time


8.  Select the radio button 'Apply PTF to local or remote nodes' and click NEXT


9.  Browse to the location where APPLYPTF was extracted (i.e. C:\ApplyPTF) and select the RO79605.JCL file.  Click NEXT.


10.  Click NEXT followed by EXIT once the install is completed


The APPLYPTF Utility is now installed.


Additional Information

This is the direct link to access cazipxp