Why does the Datamart Calendar table set up the weekly periods to start on Mondays?


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The Datamart table that contains the calendar data (NBI_DIM_CALENDAR_TIME) sets up the weekly periods to start on Monday, while my time reporting periods have been configured to start on Sundays. Why and how can I change this?




The Clarity PPM application is using the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard for a global date format where a week always starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. Currently, the application does not have a functionality that allows you to change the week format for the Datamart Calendar Table.

  • To support the ISO standard, the application returns the ISO week number. In the ISO standard, the year relating to an ISO week number can be different from the calendar year. A week always starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. Some years may have 53 weeks.
  • The week number is determined according the following rules:
  1. The first week of a year is the week that contains the first Thursday of the year.
  2. If January 1 falls on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, then the week including January 1 is the last week of the previous year, because most of the days in the week belong to the previous year.
  3. If January 1 falls on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, then the week is the first week of the new year, because most of the days in the week belong to the new year.


  • ISO is the International Standards Organizations. They do not create standards but (as with ANSI) provide a means of verifying that a proposed standard has met certain requirements for due process, consensus, and other criteria by those developing the standard.
  • The NBI_DIM_CALENDAR_TIME table is updated when the "Datamart Extraction" job is successfully executed.

Additional Information

Reference TEC435612 : Datamart: Technical White Paper
See KB000109739 - Unable to change the Start date of the Week in Time Scale Value views from Monday to Sunday for symptoms you may see as a result of this standardization