ETC and Actuals of program are zero in the Projects list view


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ETC and Actuals of Program are zero in the Projects List view in Clarity

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Program 
  2. Add 2 or More projects that have ETC and/or Actuals, via Program Properties, Subprojects  
  3. Add the ETC and Actuals attributes to the Project List
  4. View the Program via the Project List

Expected Result: The Programs' ETC and Actuals are populated with aggregated information from its subprojects
Actual Result: The Programs' ETC and Actuals are zero


Release: All
Component: Clarity Project Management


This is working as designed. The Project List page is not designed to show aggregated data for a Program or Master Project. The Program list page is designed for this purpose.

Additional Information

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