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On some investments, users have 2 options in the Status field, but on other investments there are more than 3 different options. Studio shows that the project object has the seeded 'Status' attribute defined to use the 'Investment Object State' lookup. This lookup has some values which are only available on edit mode of the project view. Does the Status field have a dependency with another attribute to define the available options?


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The Project Status field uses the system-restricted lookup 'Investment Object State'. The 'Investment Object State' Lookup has six values defined: 'Approved', 'Cancelled', 'On Hold', 'Rejected', 'Resumed', 'Unapproved'.

The 'Investment Object State' lookup has 3 additional lookup values defined: 'Converted', 'Incomplete', and 'Submitted for Approval'. These lookup values are used for the Idea Object and only appear on Idea instance records.

There is logic built into the application that controls which values are available. This logic is based on the values in the Status field, the Progress Field, and the date fields in the Investment.

  1. When the project is created, it is given a default status of 'Unapproved'.
  2. If a project is Unapproved, the end-user can change it to 'Approved' or 'Rejected'.
  3. If a project is 'Approved' and has a Progress of 'Not Started', then the status can only be changed back to 'Unapproved' or 'Rejected'.
  4. If a project, without a simple budget, is 'Approved' and has a Progress of 'Started', then the status can only be changed back to 'Unapproved' or to 'Canceled'.
  5. If a project is 'Cancelled' and has a Progress of 'Started', then the status can only be changed back to 'Approved' or to 'Resumed'.
  6. A project, with a simple budget, can only be changed to 'On Hold' if it has a Progress of 'Started' and the current date falls between the Budgeted Cost Start date and the Budgeted Cost Finish date. Status of "On Hold" is not available unless the project status is approved. You will need to change the status to "Approved" prior to selecting "On Hold".

Note: In Studio, the administrator has the ability to define an 'Override Default' value for this attribute. Although this is possible, the 'Override Default' value will not be used for this attribute because this attribute employs the use of application rules to display selected lookup values based on other project conditions. Also, Be mindful of these rules when developing BPM Process definitions that attempt to update the Project Status or Idea Status attribute. If you attempt to set the Project Status attribute that violates the built-in logic your process step will generate an error.

Setting the Default for this field does not work due to the built-in logic and therefore if an Idea is converted to a Project, the Status field will not use the value set for the Default field, but will be automatically set based on the built-in logic described above when the project is created.

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