JDBC Ping/Multicast ports used for beacon
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JDBC Ping/Multicast ports used for beacon


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When you start the beacon service a random UDP port is grabbed. When the beacon is stopped and restarted a different UDP port is taken. If you have this machine configured with a firewall, you need to continue to open up ports.  

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start the beacon
  2. Run admin tower
  3. List clients
    Notice the IP address of the machine and the port being used
  4. Stop the beacon
  5. Start the beacon
  6. Run admin tower
  7. List clients

Expected Result: The IP address of the machine should reference the same port
Actual Result: Notice the IP address of the machine with a different port being used



Any supported clarity releases configured either with multicast or JDBC Ping


JGroups requires the Ephemeral Port range to be open. It will pull a "random" port from that range. Additional information can be found in our documentation 

Ephemeral Ports - Defines the ephemeral (short-lived) port range.

  • All operating systems specify an ephemeral port range by default.
  • The traditional BSD range is 1024 through 4999, though the IANA suggests 49152 through 65535.
  • The range varies between operating systems, and it is possible to disable.
  • You can use any range values in Classic PPM. However, you must enable a range.
  • This port is primarily for multicasting to function.

This is required for multicast / JDBC Ping to work.