Client Automation - How do I Configure CAM to use the Correct IP Address on a Server with multiple Network Adapters?


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The Client Automation Server has two Network Adapters (NICs), one network adapter is used for backup and one for communication over the network.

Is there a way to configure Client Automation such that it uses the 
correct Network card/IP address for communication?


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Client Automation uses CAM as it's communication protocol. You can bind CAM to the proper NIC/IP 

address. Let's assume that the server has two IP addresses, and The IP we 

want CAM to bind to is The steps for configuring CAM are as below: 

1.   Browse to the CAM directory.

      Windows - %cai_msq%

      Unix - $CAI_MSQ

2.    Check if the cam configuration file ‘cam.cfg’ exists.

      If it does not, run the command 'camsave persist’ to create a new file. 

     Alternatively you can download the sample in attached and put it in the root of the CAM directory.

3. Open CAM.CFG using notepad.

4. In the 'Routing' section, add an entry as follows:


     Note that the IP address is entered twice.

     Save and close CAM.CFG.

 5. Recycle CAM using the following commands:

        cam change disabled


        cam change auto & cam start -c -l


Client Automation will now use the specified IP address for communication.

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