Enable Schedule Connect logging for MSP / OWB troubleshooting


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In order to troubleshoot issues with Clarity Schedule Connect and schedulers OWB or MSP, Broadcom Support may request scheduler logging to be enabled on the local client Windows computer. It will be used to output additional details on the information sent from/to the scheduler when connecting to Clarity.


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: OWB


Set the environment variables below on the workstation that is experiencing the issue:

  1. In Windows create a folder, for example: C:\schedulerlogs
  2. Click the Start button
  3. Right click Computer and select Properties
  4. In System screen, select Advanced System settings
  5. Click the Environment Variables button
  6. Click New under the systems section and create the 3 environment variables below

  (please note we are using the folder name we created in step 1)

  • Variable Name: SCHED_FORK_OUTPUT and Variable Value: TRUE
  • Variable Name: SCHED_OUTPUT_FILE and Variable Value: c:\ schedulerlogs\schedLoggingOutput.txt
  • Variable Name: _schedlogging_ = and Variable Value: c:\ schedulerlogs\schedLoggingInput.txt

      7. Once done, click OK, and OK to save the changes.

      8. Once these environment variables are set (you can check by typing "set" at the command prompt) open the project in the scheduler (MSP or OWB).

      9.  You may try saving some project back to Clarity in order to verify the logs are created before going further, and then replicate the error. 

     10. If the logs are not generated, you may want to double check the environmental variables are set correctly, and if everything is fine, restart your workstation before replicating the error.

      11. Reproduce the issue, and once reproduced please send the two files below to Clarity Support as requested:

c:\ schedulerlogs \schedLoggingOutput.txt

c:\ schedulerlogs\schedLoggingInput.txt


  • The logs could get overwritten while opening projects: you may want to delete the files before replicating the error in order to get only the most recent data.
  • The Input file will show data fetched by MSP/OWB from the database.
  • The Output file will show data saved by MSP/OWB back to the database.