Unable to login in Clarity using non federated admin account
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Unable to login in Clarity using non federated admin account


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Trying to login in Clarity resetting password using with URL: https://portal.broadcom.com/web/guest/forgotpassword on one of Clarity non federated admin accounts.

Upon logging in with the old password, it logs in but says the password is expired and needs to be reset.

Able to reset the password successfully but when logging in with the new password, the message Unable to Sign in displays.


Release : 16.1.1


In this scenario having a single email mapped to multiple non federated accounts we hit constraint and the email will not get sent. The reset password link asks for email and does a lookup and may pick up the wrong account. When multiple accounts are using the same email address Broadcom Okta is rejecting email or blocking email due to policy having multiple accounts using the same email constitutes lack of accountability which can lead to issues. Best solution is remove the unused Okta account or change the email address on one of the accounts.