21.0 Linux agent will not start with upper case ini parameter
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21.0 Linux agent will not start with upper case ini parameter


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In 21.0 before 21.0.5, UNIS/Linux agents won't start when using -I (upper case i) as a start parameter.

Agent throws error in nohup.out:
20221027/032031.591 usage : UCXJxxx [[ini=]<file>]
                                  <file>     ... Use this INI file
20221027/032031.591 U02000002 UC4 Agent 'UCXJxxx' version '21.0.4+build.13' ended abnormaly


In 12.3, both an upper case and lower case -I or -i were allowed.  In 21.0 before 21.0.5, it must be a lower case -i or no 'i' at all per the documentation.


Release : 21.0 prior to 21.0.5


This has been fixed in the 21.0.5 UNIX/Linux agent (release February 13, 2023) where -I is allowed when starting the agents.  


Update the start command to use lower case -i  In the service manager:

1) Open up the service manager dialog and navigate to the server where the agent resides
2) Right-click on the agent and choose Properties
3) Update the start command so that it is something like:
/opt/automic/Agents/Linux/bin/ucxjlx6 -i/opt/automic/Agents/Linux/bin/inifilename.ini

Note that there is no space between the -i and the path to the ini file and it must be a lower case i.
4) At this point, you should be able to start the agent on 21.0 and use the CAU as expected