What is FAQ rating and How to change the FAQ rating of a document?


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Each CA Service Desk knowledge document can have a FAQ rating assigned to it. This can also be changed based on the volume of documents. This document explains the FAQ rating and steps to modify the settings.


FAQ Rating of a document is a value calculated from the frequency that a document is accessed, how helpful it has been to users, and its age. This field is available as a read-only field in the Attributes tab of a knowledge document. See Fig1

Fig 1

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Figure 1

Steps to change the FAQ rating settings:

  1. Login to CA Service Desk web interface as an Administrator.

  2. Go to Administration->Knowledge->Solution Survey->FAQ Settings.

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    Figure 2

  3. This window can be used to set parameters to calculate the FAQ rating of each document.

  4. CA Service Desk calculates the FAQ rating based on the following criteria:

    • How frequently the document was accessed in the past

    • How helpful the document was to users

    • How the document's effectiveness has decreased over time

  5. Check the option "Run the FAQ Rating Service" to enable FAQ rating.

  6. Use the Schedule option to define and change the scheduling of FAQ rating.

  7. The Ageing option can be used to define how a document rating would degrade after multiple FAQ calculations.

  8. The Days New option indicates the time period a document is considered New Document.

  9. Use the Rating option to select the rating option for which the settings are applicable.


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


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