21.0 Analytics_backend.log does not show INFO 6000 --- [main] messages
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21.0 Analytics_backend.log does not show INFO 6000 --- [main] messages


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


Upgraded from 12.3 to 21.0.3.  Expecting to see the following in analytics_backend.log file:

INFO 6600 --- [main] o.s.d.r.w.RepositoryRestHandlerMapping   : Mapped "{[/{repository}/{id}/{prope...
INFO 6600 --- [main] o.s.d.r.w.RepositoryRestHandlerMapping   : Mapped "{[/{repository}/search/{sea...


Release : 21.0
Component: Analytics


This behavior is as designed.  The information that used to be in the:

INFO [thread id] --- [main] o.s.d.r.w.RepositoryRestHandlerMapping   : Mapped "{[/{repository}...

messages have been suppressed from "INFO" tags in the log and are now written in "TRACE" messages when a trace is turned on. 

The way a successful startup can be identified is through a message like:

2022-10-03 17:39:25.253  INFO [thread id] --- [main] com.automic.analytics.backend.Agent      : Started Agent in 11.952 seconds (JVM running for 12.582)

which is the same as in 12.3.