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How to increase the Property fields of the Requests/Incidents/Problems area?


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How can I increase the number of property fields of the Requests/Incidents/Problems area?


CA Service Desk Manager 12.9,14.1,17.x

For later versions, please review the "Additional Information" section.


Login to Service Desk with Admin privileges

  1. Select Administrator TAB => Service Desk => Requests/Incidents/Problems
  2. Select Area ---> Select an Area for example 'Hardware'
  3. On the 1. PROPERTIES TAB, click on "Add Property" and create new properties.
You can verify this by creating a new 'Request' and selecting the area as 'Hardware' and then click on 'Properties' tab to check the newly created properties.

At this moment, you will still be able to create only 23 properties by this method.If you have a requirement to increase the property field from 23 to a desired number then you will have to modify the file "xx_prop_tab.htmpl" as this is hard coded into the file. It is not recommended to increase the number of fields to 50 or above.

The steps are as follows:
  1. The property list on the web interface is coded in the htmpl files: xx_prop_tab.htmpl and load_properties.htmplto display 23 properties. This can be increased, by editing both of these files.
  2. In both files, look for the following:
    <PDM_IF "" != "$">   detailWriteProperty( 22, "$args.prop22.required",       '<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=C PAD=NO>$args.prop22.label</PDM_FMT>',       '<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=C PAD=NO>$args.prop22.value</PDM_FMT>',       '<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=C PAD=NO>$args.prop22.sample</PDM_FMT>'); 
  3. You will notice that they increment, 0 through 22.
  4. You may add additional '<PDM_IF...>' with corresponding <PDM_FMT statements and please be sure to add a matching closing </PDM_IF> statement too. In both files, you will notice the tags are closed at the end of the '<PDM_IF>' property list.
  5. Save the edited / customized files into folder:

    ...\Unicenter ServicePlus Service Desk\site\mods\www\htmpl\web\analyst
  6. Lastly, run the following command on the server:

    pdm_webcache (clears the cache), and also clear the browser cache.
Important Notes:
  1. Try the steps on a test system first before going production.
  2. Back up the default file "xx_prop_tab.htmpl".

Additional Information

For 14.1 and higher, see How to add additional properties to the Service Desk Form listings for Incidents and Requests