Endevor v19 New Features
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Endevor v19 New Features


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What are the new features for Endevor v19 


Release : 19.0

Component : Endevor Software Change Manager

Additional Information

The following features differentiate the generally available (GA) version of Endevor 19.0 from Endevor Release 18.1:

  • BATCHID values 0 and 2 are no longer supported. The BATCH ID value now defaults to 1
  • The package "Superusers" can now perform any package action against a package, with the possible exception of the review action. To be able to review (approve or deny) a package, a Superuser must be an approver of that package. Superusers can be defined in the optional feature table, ENCOPTBL
  • Base FMID CSIQJ00 now contains Endevor Web Services and the installation was adjusted so there are no prerequisites and no initial Web Services configuration is required
  • Base FMID CSIQJ00 now contains a Mainframe Webhook Server binary with a deploy JCL
  • The product was rebranded from "CA Endevor SCM" to "Endevor"

As of the GA version of Endevor 19.0, new features will be delivered only for V19. Endevor Release 18.1 will run in maintenance mode. (End of Service for Endevor Version 18.0 is scheduled to take place 18 months after the V19 GA date.) 

For regularly updated information about key new features in Endevor Version 19.0, see New Features.