Enable CAU to the agents behind proxy
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Enable CAU to the agents behind proxy


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When looking at communications with agents/service manager requirements for the centralized agent update (CAU):
Which infrastructure components need to communicate to an agents service manager to perform centralized agent updates?
When there is a proxy client/server link, what is required to enable CAU to the agents behind the proxy? 


Release : 12.3.9

Component : Automic agents 


  1. In the Agents page of the Administration perspective, select one or more agents you want to upgrade to the new version and select Agent Upgrade from the context menu.

    Upon accessing the Agents list, the filter pane is open by default. This allows you to immediately perform a search using the Agent Name field, thus simplifying the work with the list.

    If the import of Plugin Manager packages was successful, you find a list of the new versions of agents you upgrade to. The list displays the following information:

    • Number of Agents: Number of all agents available for the platform in the second column.

    • Platform: The respective platform of the agents you selected in the Agents page.

    • Target Version: The target versions available for that agent type, ordered in descending order, so the latest version is shown at the top. A dropdown arrow at the end of the row indicates that you can select the appropriate version there.

  2. Optionally, enter a custom upgrade text in the field below the list. This text will be part of the related CAU statistic record name.

  3. Select the appropriate option, Agents with ServiceManager Link Only or All Selected Agents.

    Agents with ServiceManager Link Only starts the upgrade only for agents that have been started via Service Manager. This option guarantees that the agents are restarted after the upgrade.

    All Selected Agents starts the upgrade of all agents you selected in the previous dialog, if they are CAU compatible, regardless of a link to the ServiceManager.


    • Java agents: CAU is available for Java agents as of v12.3. They must be started by a Service Manager of v12.3 or later in order to be upgradeable via CAU.
    • OS agents: If the agent is not started by a Service Manager, the agent will end and the binaries will be upgraded, but it cannot start automatically after the process. Upgrade statistics records will remain active until the agent has been started again.

    If none of the selected agents is linked to the ServiceManager, the option Agents with ServiceManager Link Only is hidden.

  4. Click Upgrade, if you are ready to perform the upgrade. A dialog displays the upgrade status for all selected agents per platforms.

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