DB_SERVICE agent won't start after upgrading to 21.x
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DB_SERVICE agent won't start after upgrading to 21.x


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


After upgrading to version 21.0, the DB_SERVICE agent is not starting.  This agent worked previously.  Older 21.0 log files will show something like:

20220429/113707.534 - U02000153 The JVM Option HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError is enabled.
20220429/113707.831 - U02000072 Connection to system 'AUTOMIC' initiated.
 at com.uc4.ex.cp.CPConnection.openConnection(CPConnection.java:139)
 at com.uc4.ex.cp.CPConnection.<init>(CPConnection.java:132)
 at com.uc4.ex.cp.CPConnection.getValidCPConn(CPConnection.java:455)
 at com.uc4.ex.cp.CPConnection.loadCPConnection(CPConnection.java:533)
 at com.uc4.ex.cp.CPConnection.getConnection(CPConnection.java:614)
 at com.uc4.ex.cp.ServerConnectionFactory.newConnection(ServerConnectionFactory.java:28)
 at com.uc4.ex.ExecutorLifecycle.createServerConnection(ExecutorLifecycle.java:361)
 at com.uc4.ex.ExecutorLifecycle.execute(ExecutorLifecycle.java:122)
 at com.uc4.ex.sql.UCXJSQLX.main(UCXJSQLX.java:53)

Newer released of 21.0 will show something like:

20230705/151222.073 - U02000153 The JVM Option HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError is enabled.
20230705/151222.292 - U02000345 Unable to connect to AutomationEngine. Connection parameter missing in configuration file.
20230705/151222.292 - U02000074 Connecting to system 'AUTOMIC' is not possible.
20230705/151222.292 - com.uc4.ex.cp.InitialConnectionException: Initial connection with endpoint not possible. Please check your configuration.


Release : 21.0.2



12.3 used ucsrv.ini for the db service ini file and had a uc4.smd start command like:

DEFINE DATABASE-SERVICE01;java -jar -Xmx256M *OWN/../../Agents/sql_service/bin/ucxjsqlx.
jar -service -i*OWN/../../AutomationEngine/bin/ucsrv.ini;*OWN/../../Agents/sql/b



The DB_SERVICE agent in version 21.0 does not use the ucsrv.ini file anymore.  The best course to move forward:

  1. Make sure that the DB_SERVICE agent is installed into it's own directory
  2. If you have to use an older version, you will need to make sure that agent has its own ini file in its bin directory.
  3. Update the ini file to have the name of the DB Service agent, the cp= to point to the correct cp, and the correct system= name
  4. Update the db service agent's start command in the service manager dialog to include:
    -i[full path to agent's bin directory]\ucxjsqlx.ini

The start command should look something like:

java -Xrs -Xmx1G -jar C:\automic\21.0.2\Agents\db_service\bin\ucxjsqlx.jar -service

This should allow the agent to start.  You may need to Renew the Transfer key (or Public Key) from client 0's administration perspective in the Agents section.

uc4.smd may need to be updated to something like:

DEFINE DATABASE-SERVICE01;java -Xmx1G -jar *OWN/../../Agents/sql_service/bin/ucxjsqlx.jar -service;*OWN/../../Agents/sql_service/bin/

After a restart of the service manager, it should start fine