Login to 21.0 AWI shows "Logon error: Access denied"
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Login to 21.0 AWI shows "Logon error: Access denied"


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21.0 AWI login screen shows just "Logon error: Access denied" when REST or JWP are not up and running.

Expected behavior:
Similar to V12 where the error message shows what process is not running " No Search results available because JCP is not running "

Actual behavior:
AWI shows: Logon error: Access denied

Impact: The "Access denied" message is confusing as the problem is that a process that is down, not that one there's a problem with their user


Release : 21.x


Sub-Component : REST/JWP Server process


This is by design and implemented as a part of security enhancement - So there will not be an explicit error message like v12.x stating a specific process is not running.


Check PWP log for error like:
20220302/142006.854 - U00003236 WP: 4 DWP: 0 NSP: 0 CP: 0 JWP: 1 JCP: 1 REST: 0
20220302/142006.856 - U00003201 Logon error: System not fully available. Contact your administrator.
20220302/142006.954 - U00011800 Disconnect User: Cannot find user '*CP001#00000002' in the table AKT-USER.

Make sure that the JWP and REST process are all up and running.