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Investment Allocation Job Schedule Frequency


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How often should I run the Investment Allocation Job? I need real time access to actuals and ETC at the investment level.


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Component: Clarity Project Management


  • The Investment Allocation job and the investment list page is sometimes thought of as a real time reporting solution for investment actuals and ETC. However, the investment allocation job is better suited for daily reporting as the job aggregates data from various tables for each investment.
  • This job is very database intensive because it updates every active investment in the system. As a result, it should not be run frequently.  Many customers run the job only once per day.
  • The investment list page is also suited better as a navigation point and should be limited in the number of fields added to it, as it is an entry point into the investment properties for all users. 
  • If a XOG write action is perform for updating an existing project, the action triggers slicing and the execution of the Investment Allocation job for the specific projects so that the project manager is able to immediately see all updated data on the projects updated from that action without having to manually execute the job for all investments.
  • For immediate access to Actuals and ETC at the project level, a custom portlet would be more efficient and could achieve real-time results as long as the portlet is focused on those items and does not join in too much other data. Consult your DBA for optimal query design

NOTE:  If the 'Investment Allocation' job is executed in between incremental runs of the Rate Matrix Extraction, the Incremental Option will effectively behave in the same manner as a full execution because the 'Investment Allocation' job will update all projects.  The 'Investment Allocation' job should be marked incompatible with the 'Rate Matrix Extraction' job.  Also, the job slices some data therefore, it should also be marked incompatible with 'Time Slicing' job.  See additional articles for more information.

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