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Jaspersoft database encryption


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After enabling TDE encryption on the Jaspersoft Oracle database, what to edit or add into Jaspersoft context.xml file?


Release : Any


1. Get your sqlnet.ora file to see the exact parameters of the encryption

2. Edit your $Jasper_Tomcat9\webapps\reportservice\META-INF\context.xml file as per the example & sqlnet.ora file

3. Restart and make sure you clear the temp and work folders


Check for reference the KB below:

Configuring Jaspersoft with Oracle Advanced Security Enabled - Tibco

The JDBC file should be already added in lib

Note: On some environments and configurations updating context.xml is not required for the TDE encryption to work 

Additional Information

For Clarity database encryption, check KB TDE database encryption in Clarity (MSSQL/Oracle)