EDR displays an IP address but no other information about an endpoint


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Endpoint Detection and Response


When searching in Search -> Database -> Entities some entries show the IP address as the hostname and enrollment as "Unsupported".

Additionally when clicking on the "hostname" no information about the client is available.


The IP address belongs to a machine that is not in a group listed in the EDR's SEPM Group Inclusion list.


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Ensure that the machine is a supported client and is in a group that is in the SEPM Group Inclusion list on EDR.

Additional Information

When an event occurs EDR checks its internal database to see if it can correlate the event to a known endpoint.  If there is no known endpoint listed in the internal database then EDR creates an entry with what information is available and sets all other values to a default of "Not Available" or "Unsupported". 

EDR does not query the SEPM database for information on endpoints that are not in a group listed in the EDR's SEPM Group Inclusions list.