How to fix "Invalid device credentials" in Management Center
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How to fix "Invalid device credentials" in Management Center


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Management Center


Among the devices managed by the Management Center (MC), one Content Analysis System (CAS) has Errors and Warnings indicating "Invalid device credentials".
When you log in to CAS and check the System Status, it is OK, and all Onboard Diagnostics on the Utilities tab are also OK.

When I check the connection information of CAS from Connection Parameters on MC, it is displayed as Successful, and even if I press the Reconnect button, it is the status of Successful.
Why is the Status tab showing "Invalid device credentials" when my Username and Password are fine?
How can it be resolved?


Release :

Component : Connection Parameters


Has your account been locked out once in the past in CAS?
Once the account set in the MC is locked out by Password policy etc., it becomes impossible to access the CAS from the MC.
It becomes "Invalid device credentials" state.

After that, even if the account is unlocked on the CAS side, the "Invalid device credentials" state is maintained
Until the MC Administrator overwrites the CAS State, even though the account information is correct, Backup Job etc. will now fail with "Invalid device credentials".


To resolve this event, it is necessary to overwrite the Cas State on the MC side.
A simple overwrite method can be done with the CAS predefined "admin" account.
* If an event occurs in the admin account, please use another account.

[How to overwrite Cas State on the MC side]
1. Log in to the MC, go to "Connection Parameters", make a successful connection once using the CAS predefined account "admin", and press the save button.
→ When this work is performed, the "Invalid device credentials" displayed on the Status screen will be fixed.
2. Go to "Connection Parameters" again, return to the account you set up in the past, and click the Save button.

Additional Information

You can check the status of the CAS account lock with the following command from the CAS CLI.
If the account is locked, the confirmation from "Connection Parameters" will fail with "Invalid device credentials".
When you check it, you should be able to confirm that it is not locked.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------
CAS (config) # authentication local-lockout view
Lockout parameters:
   Max failed attempts: 3
   Lockout duration (seconds): 900
   Reset interval (seconds): 900

User: admin
   0 failed attempt (s) (of 3 allowed)
   61.75 seconds since last attempt or reset

User: testaccount
   0 failed attempt (s) (of 3 allowed)
   9.09 seconds since last attempt or reset

CAS (config) #


The key to having the status of the CAS device overwritten is the "Save" button.   An easy way to get the Save button to not be greyed out when the connection is successful, is to re-enter the host IP address before putting in the admin credentials.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------