CADZSPLx task LDS Saturation Thresholds.
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CADZSPLx task LDS Saturation Thresholds.


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We are receiving CADD0227W and/or CADD022W "SPLx Saturation = nn percent" warning messages. Is there a way for a client to change or set their own LDS saturation threshold values?


The LDS saturation thresholds are defined to the CADZSPLx task via the UTIL parameter of the CADDUTIL program.

The UTIL parameter sets two monitoring thresholds to trigger alerts when the LDS is filling up and initiates actions to reduce the possibility of full saturation before client action can be taken.

utl1 Specifies the utilization percentage when CADDSPL initiates the first threshold of actions.

utl2 Specifies the utilization percentage when CADDSPL triggers additional actions.

The DDEXLDSI job's parameter settings, as supplied by CA, set the DEFAULT saturation percentage values as UTIL=(75,85).

To increase the LDS saturation thresholds, issue the SET command from the MVS console using the following syntax:

/F SPLx, SET UTIL=(85,95)

The above command will increase the 1st limit (UTL1) to 85% and the 2nd limit (UTL2) to 95%. When issuing the above SPLx command, change the 'x' to your actual CADZSPLx task's UNIQUE 1 character suffix.


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch