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Unable to restore the non split ghost image file by ghost cast server due to Application Error 33000


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Ghost Solution Suite


The customer is getting "Application Error 33000". It occurs only with ghostCastServer.

You can reproduce this issue by following these steps:

1. Prepare the non split image file by "-split=0"
Save the image file to USB external disk drive. Because we get error(GhostCode 19922) when we use ghost cast server.

[GhostCastServer Side]
1. Open Ghost cast server.
2. Check the "Restore Image"
3. Input the Session Name
4. Select the image file from [Browse]
5. Click the [Accept Clients]

[client side]
1. Boot from the ghost boot disk
2. [GhostCast] - [Multicast]
3. Input the session name
4. Check the "Automatic" -> [OK]
5. "Select local destination drive .." -> click the drive [1] -> [OK]
6. "Application Error 33000" error occurs


This issue has been seen the GSS 3.3 RU4 or later (GSS 3.3 RU3 works fine).


Known issue. It seems issue depend on the fact how image was created:

1 - image created via GhostCast 11425 with key -SPLIT=0 -SEEKUNSAFE. Note: it is unable to create split=0 image without -seekunsafe key (because of another defect), it is restored via ghostcast properly - issue not reproducible.

2 - Image created directly by ghost 11425 with key -SPLIT=0 (without -seekunsafe) fails to restore via GhostCast 11425.

3 - Image created directly by ghost 11425 with key -SPLIT=0 is restored properly via Ghost 11425.

4 - Image created directly by ghost 11425 with key -SPLIT=0 AND -SEEKUNSAFE is restored by both Ghost and GhostCast 11425.

Additional research found that issue is reproducible only when  2 conditions exists together:

1 - deployed image was created with switch "-split=0" and without switch "-seekunasafe"

2 - Ghost on target machine is started with GUI and imaging is performed via defined GhostCast session


In case if ghost is started via CMD (ghost.exe -sure -clone,mode=restore,dst=1,[email protected]"<ghostCastSessionName>") same image is restored properly


This issue has been reported to Broadcom Development team. Currently a fix is targeted for GSS 3.3 RU10 release.

Download the latest version of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite (KB 175846)

Customer may restore affected image with defining SURE switch in ghost CMD to let it to be restored without mentioned issue.

Additional Information

Upgrading GSS 3.3 to update 9 or RU10 (KB 239499)