Recreate Jaspersoft organization
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Recreate Jaspersoft organization


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How to delete and recreate the Jaspersoft organization in Advanced Reporting with the OOTB Content in order to reset the content? 


Release : Any supported release


Disclaimer: This will remove/drop all custom content such as custom reports, domains etc., also report schedules and report exports in PDF/XLS etc. Some data may be lost. Ensure you backup and export to a zip file all the content that you need. Must be tried on a lower environment first

  1. Connect to Jaspersoft console with superuser 
  2. Go to Organizations - select and delete the organization
  3. If you have an issue use the solution below: Cannot delete organization from Jaspersoft 7.8
  4. Run the command on your Clarity database, this will remove the line that Jaspersoft content is installed:
    delete from cmn_install_history where install_id='contentPack::csk::jaspersoft'
    and base_release = '16.0.0' -----ensure you add the base release for your current Jaspersoft version, i.e. 15.9.3, 16.0.1
  5. Now connect to the Clarity server in a command prompt and run the query:
    admin content-jaspersoft csk -userName superuser -password <password>
    This will install the default OOTB content from on the server
  6. Once done, restart Jaspersoft
  7. Run the jobs
    • Load Data Warehouse - Full
    • Load Data Warehouse - Access rights
    • Create and Update JS Users rights
    • Jaspersoft Role Synchronization(if in use)