Roadmap Timeline Report - Swimlane & Color By dropdowns missing values
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Roadmap Timeline Report - Swimlane & Color By dropdowns missing values


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In the Advanced Reporting Roadmap Timeline Report, the dropdown list for Swimlane & Color By display a different list for newly created Roadmap compared to old or other roadmaps. Old roadmaps display values correctly, but new roadmaps either show no values or only a few values. This is noticed after upgrading to 15.9.3.


  1. In the Modern User Experience (UX) go to Roadmaps
  2. Click 'New Roadmap'
  3. Click Create to create the new Roadmap
  4. Navigate to Advanced Reporting in Classic
  5. Click on the Roadmap Timeline Report
  6. Select your Roadmap from the Roadmap dropdown
  7. Click on the Swimlane or Color By drop-down under Options on the left-hand side

Expected Results: Out of the box fields: Type, Status, and In Plan show along with any custom picklists created.

Actual Results: No values show.


Release : 15.9.3 and higher

Component : Roadmaps


This was reviewed as DE63107 and is working as designed. The report now uses the entries created in the odf_picklist_defs table. The Swimlane/Color options will be created as you click on the choices from the board view for the roadmap.  


To have the choices show up in the report dropdowns:

  1. Go to the impacted Roadmap in the Modern UX
  2. Click on the Timeline view 
  3. Click on View Options
  4. Select the value you want to appear in the report dropdowns in either the Color By or Swimlane dropdowns (For example, for Swimlanes, select Portfolio Category 2)
  5. Go back to the Roadmap Timeline report in Advanced Reporting
  6. Refresh the report, and select the roadmap again
  7. Check the drop downs and the field should now appear in both the Swimlane and Color by dropdowns

Note: these steps will need to be done for each impacted roadmap

Use the new Roadmap export capabilities

Upgrade to 16.0 or higher to utilize the new export functionality. See: Export the Roadmap Timeline to PDF for more details. 

Additional Information

See also: Roadmap known issues - master KB

For more information on this report see: Roadmap Timeline Report on techdocs.