Recreating the DWH DBLINK
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Recreating the DWH DBLINK


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The DBLINK is the database link which is used for the DWH database to connect to the Clarity database and get the data across via the Load DWH jobs.

If the link is not created or is not valid, the Load Data Warehouse job, the Load Data Warehouse Access Rights jobs will not work

Follow the below steps to recreate the DBLINK for any possible reasons including, but not limited to: 

  • After DWH database refresh/rebuild
  • Error messages in Load Data Warehouse and Load DWH Access Rights jobs
  • Upon refreshing a lower environment with Production data


Release : Any



Steps to Recreate the DBLINK

Recreate via CSA/NSA

  1. Connect to CSA - Server - Data Warehouse
  2. Ensure a DBLINK name is entered
  3. Click Save, ensure there is no error. This should recreate the DBLINK automatically

Recreate manually with DBA

  1. Ask the DBA to manually create the DBLINK and provide you with the name
  2. Enter the name in CSA - Server - Data Warehouse and select Custom, then Save

Recreate on PostgreSQL

  1. In CSA ensure schema is entered for both Clarity and DWH databases
  2. Connect to the Clarity server and run the command:
    admin db create-db-link
  3. Ensure the command runs successfully and does not fail